Selling White Label SMS Software

Attract more business and create new white label SMS software sales opportunities.

As a business offering white label SMS software you want to attract more businesses and reach additional segments of your market. This is the unspoken desire of many SMS marketing businesses owners. However, achieving this isn’t always so simple.

To break-even, many SMS marketing business owners  find themselves in dire need of a solid base of clients. More importantly to succeed as an SMS reseller you need your clients to be successful with your white label SMS software. This my friend, is the dream!

Today AvidMobile is sharing a few concepts to help you attract more business. More importantly our goal is to help you close more sales and earn additional income. The truth is that having the latest SMS marketing application isn’t enough to start closing new clients.  You’ve got to get  potential clients to take a bite. You want them to fully understand the value of SMS marketing. Show them how your white label SMS software can work for them! This leads us to our first concept.

Analyze Your White Label SMS Software Business.

For your business to flourish, you’ve got to know what it is and what it’s positioned to solve. In knowing who or what your business is, you will discover what your business is not. Ask yourself a few questions. What are you offering, and who do you want to cater to?

Understand what you have to offer. Understand the strengths of your application, be able to identify SMS marketing opportunity, and be prepared to refute any objections. Here are five questions every SMS reseller should be able to answer about their SMS marketing business.

  1. What are your white label SMS software’s unique selling points?
  2. What’s the culture of the business selling this software?
  3. Who does your white label SMS software cater to and how can you let them know your software exist?
  4. How can you highlight the benefits of making use of your SMS software?
  5. Why is your SMS marketing business better than the competition?

Identify an ideal client for your White Label SMS Software.

To attract the right organizations and businesses you’ve got to understand who needs your product. More importantly than that, you’ve got to understand the benefits of your product. Businesses and organizations can benefit from SMS marketing, it’s your job to show them how. You should have strategies in place to help clients make the most of your white label SMS software. To get started we advise you make a list of your potential clients or potential target markets.

Once you have an understanding of your target market your organization can use SMS marketing to move forward in helping them. Lay out an SMS marketing plan for them and show them how they can reach their goals. Describe the benefits, not the features of SMS application. For instance, telling clients that your SMS software can send out a thousand texts per minute is a feature. Instead explain that your application delivers high volumes of text message out in mere seconds with minimal amounts of failure. See the difference? It should be clear that your software is a cost-effective and time-saving option.

Build your white label SMS software marketing plan.

Once you’re done with brain-storming and research your next step moving  forward is to build out your sales and marketing plan. With an understanding of your business and ideal client you can start to build out working examples. Focus on common client issues and the solutions you offer for them. Don’t forget to include opportunities that they are unaware of and list out ways in which you’d help them capitalize on a specific opportunity.

Remember, you’re the expert in SMS marketing. Be prepared to answer their questions and use the application to show SMS based solutions. Imagination is key here. Don’t be afraid to run a blog, share examples on social media, and get people texting in. The more interactions you get the better. Open up the channels, and make your interactions two-sided. Use webinars and chat sessions so potential clients can bring their questions straight to you.

A few final thoughts on selling your white label SMS software.

These concepts are fairly simple and easy to grasp. Perfecting them and truly becoming an SMS marketing expert takes time. Don’t be afraid to test out your white label SMS software and know it forwards and backwards. Make it a priority to opt in and to every SMS marketing campaign you come across. This is a great way to see how different industries use SMS marketing to achieve their goals. Having your finger on the pulse of the industry will help to set you apart and make it easier for you to get past objectives and close more business.


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