Mobile Marketing Private Label – Keeping what’s yours … yours

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is crucial in business … maybe the most important thing. That may include companies like your technology provider. You sold the business, why shouldn’t you be responsible for it? We are help to help you, not vice versa.

That’s where your Mobile Marketing Private Label comes in. As of the release of our new, and highly touted AvidMobile 1.5, no longer will any elements of AvidMobile’s branding be exposed to your clients … a critical step forward in protecting your brand while using the best tools in the business. Including the use of our advanced mobile website builder, new kiosk creator, and a variety of shortcodes, you can offer your clients everything, without offering them too much.

As always, you still have the choice of using a full white labeled product for the most robust option in brand development and recognition. But our private label is unused, unmentioned in any search engine result or forum board (you’ll note that I’m specifically not mentioning the brand here!) and will never lead your clients back to the business behind your business. After all, you earned it. And we’re not doing to get in the way.

So call us for a demo today and let an account representative tell you what a Mobile Marketing Private Label can do for you or your business, and let us explain the AvidMobile advantage. And if you’ve tried us before, you should come back and check out AvidMobile’s new 1.5 platform, with increased functionality, security, protection, and top of the line technological tools mixed with a real-world friendly interface, for everyone from the tech geek to the computer challenged.

Let no one forget this is a business about people, and about you. Don’t let the identity of your tools get between you and the success you are capable of earning.