Resell Short Codes

In order to send or receive messages between mobile phones and a software application, carriers use a special phone number called a Short Code which is typically a 5-6 digit number. Short Codes are available in two formats: Shared and Dedicated.

A Shared Short Code is a Short Code that you will share with other businesses.  Keywords are used to separate one business from the other in terms of program traffic.  For example, if you are a coffee shop, you may select the keyword “coffee”.  Messages sent from this coffee business would come from the Short Code 72727 or 28748 and may or may not display the keyword “coffee” to the recipient.  When a recipient replies to a message, her or she enters the specific keyword, so the message is properly routed to the intended company.

Any company can utilize multiple keywords to differentiate between marketing campaigns, business divisions, products, etc.  Shared Reseller Short Codes are limited by the fact that specific keywords may no longer be available.  Once again, this is a key selling and buying point when choosing the right provider, do they have the access to unlimited keywords at no extra costs and multiple short codes for you to choose from?  For example, another company may already be using the keyword “coffee”.  If they are and you are partnered with a company that is only supplying you with one shared short code, then you may loose this client to a competitor of yours because they have the access to multiple short codes to free up the keyword “coffee”.

AvidMobile offers Shared Short Codes for U.S. markets. Shared Short Codes offer two major advantages: low cost and quick set up. Our Shared Short Codes have already been provisioned by carriers to provide a fast and simple way for you to get started.