Mobile Marketing Private Label Partner

Mobile Marketing Private Label products are now available as a private label version.  This version does not show AvidMobile information or company logo but shows yours.  As a business owner, you get to name your program, design and display your logo, customize it with your colors and in general, market and sell programs that comes from your company as if you built your very own platform.

Private Labeling your Mobile Marketing Company  allows you to market our products as your own.  By re-branding the product, you can charge whatever makes sense for your business – without worrying about being competitive with our prices. Complete re-branding removes ANY mention of AvidMobile.

AvidMobile is the leader in the Mobile Marketing industry and focuses on partnering with successful clients to build strong relationships. We provide ALL of the essential components to build a profitable business: great software, training, support, and best practices. Regardless of your business challenges – technical, strategic, sales, or marketing – AvidMobile has the resources to help.  These resources all come from our team cutting our teeth in the industry over five years ago doing exactly what 99% of our partners are striving to do today, sell mobile marketing to small and large business nation wide.  Resources that have been road tested and have proven track records!

Mobile marketing and communications is the right business at the right time. Many of our re-sellers are starting this business while still employed or operating their existing businesses. The key is return-on-investment. Few alternatives will give you such a scalable, profitable model as ours. The monthly fees are very inexpensive, and the monthly income can grow as high as you want. This quickly becomes a high margin business with a recurring income- the best possible combination! If you combine the great revenue model with the demand for mobile marketing services- our Mobile Marketing Private Label is the perfect fit for your business model!