Selling Mobile Websites and Apps – Being a Reseller of this Technology

Selling Mobile Websites and Apps- When people are searching for your site on a mobile device, who comes up first? Paid ads and things like that of course but organically Google will not rank you site first unless you have a mobile optimized website when customers are searching on their mobile phones. “As of Quarter 2 2012, more searches were performed on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers” (Google 2013). So do your customers see you at all? That is what makes it so important in today’s world that you have a mobile friendly website that pops up very easily for your customers to find you on the fly.

What we give our clients and our resellers is the technology to create mobile websites that do exactly that. You can build websites in literally less than an hour that when their customers type in your website on their smart phone, it instantly takes them to your mobile website because it recognizes the mobile browser and then takes them to a landing page where they can immediately “download your app”. This is actually allowing the customer to bookmark the page to their home screen on their smartphone and it automatically adds the app image to the front page of their mobile device so they can click on your app anytime to see your menu, get directions, see specials, etc. This creates top of mind awareness and also an easy shortcut to your “app” at all times for your most loyal customers. It’s an easy sell to show businesses how important it is to have these mobile friendly sites available for their customers to search for them right from their phone. Having the user friendly technology to build these sites very quickly and easily while still looking slick and sophisticates is the key to making money selling mobile websites and apps.