Mobile Marketing Software- Access to Everyone


If you’re running a marketing company, there is no doubt that mobile marketing software will revolutionize the level of service you can provide for your clients. Smart business owners know that their message needs to be delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets have made it abundantly clear to marketers that mobile is the future of advertising. Yet, how does a marketer get their mobile enterprise up and running as quickly as possible?

You could go one of two routes…

Some marketers develop their own in-house mobile marketing software… but this is 1) Very expensive, because you would have to hire your own team of developers… and 2) Very time-consuming, which could mean months before you can offer a mobile solution to your clients! The vast majority of marketers are offering mobile solutions, thanks to full-support, white-label mobile marketing software developed by others.

What Is Full-Support, White-Label Mobile Marketing?

Essentially, you pay a monthly fee to the mobile marketing software developer for unfettered access. This monthly fee covers all ongoing tech support, access to educational and training materials, and unrestricted use of the technology — which you may brand and sell as if it were your own. You simply tell your clients, “I offer mobile marketing services now” and leave it at that, while we work seamlessly in the background to ensure your campaigns are delivered as promised. Our software is super easy and intuitive to learn in one afternoon.

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Types of Mobile Marketing Services You Can Offer

Once you can access our mobile marketing software, you will be able to offer clients…

  • Text message advertising – There is no better way to advertise a promotion or distribute a coupon than through a real-time SMS promo
  • Short code campaigns – Engage audiences with an exciting contest or use a code on product packaging that links prospects to more info
  • Mobile web design – Develop a quick-loading web page for your clients that is user-friendly and optimized for smaller, handheld devices
  • Multimedia messaging – Deliver video or music content, games, ringtones and other cool content to stand apart from the crowd
  • Mobile donation platform – Accept cash or Paypal donations through a secure mobile donation platform that makes fundraising easy
  • Mobile app – Help clients stay in the forefront of people’s minds by having prospects save apps directly to their phones to stay in touch
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