Text Provider: Do You Need One ASAP?

You will need a text provider if you want to capitalize off the fastest-growing media channel today! Despite the recession, 86 percent of companies have spent money on mobile ads since 2008. According to IAB Research, 73 percent of market analysts are positive that mobile marketing will be an enduring trend for at least the next five years and that the 3 billion phones sold so far makes mobile the most widely-used technology on the planet. In the US, 92 percent of adults have a cellular line, says Nielsen Mobile, and 96 percent of those subscribers can receive a text message… so you’d be crazy to miss out on that tremendous base of prospects!

There are many ways for companies to use text marketing.

Just think of all you can do for your corporate clients! You can…

  • Send out text reminders about promotions
  • Share company news
  • Deliver coupons in real-time
  • Build relationships with prospects
  • Run surveys and contests
  • Send video or multimedia messages
  • Reinforce existing campaigns with original content

Once you have access to AvidMobile’s technology, you will need to build a subscriber list.

The key component of your text strategy will be building an opt-in subscriber list. As your text provider, we are there to help you every step of the way! We recommend three ways to build a list. One is by having consumers text a keyword to a five-digit code (usually in exchange for a coupon or other free incentive offer). Another way is by having consumers sign a paper authorization that they will agree to receive mobile messages from the brand. A third way is by having a consumer type their mobile number into an online form. You can build your database through real world promos, point of sale and the internet (including your website, social media and email).

How Does A White Label Service Work?

  • You pay us a monthly fee for the use of our system.
  • You set your own prices and make your own marketing packages.
  • You determine the frequency of the messaging.
  • We deliver all messages at the times scheduled by you.
  • We provide back-end customer service and support.
  • We offer educational and training materials to help you become better at what you do.

With 95% of all text messages read within 5 minutes of delivery and a 97% read-rate, you really can’t go wrong! Enjoy call-to-action rates of 9 percent or much, much higher! Learn more about our SMS white label text provider services