Mobile Marketing Today

Mobile marketing was not formed overnight; there are many factors and challenges that have been overcome and led to mobile marketing today. When looking at mobile marketing today, one must be able to answer the who, what, when, why, where, and how of mobile marketing.

Before getting started with mobile marketing and applying the principals, it is important to understand why mobile marketing works. The first reason mobile marketing works is because of the availability of the target audience. According to CTIA ( 92% of Americans will not leave their homes without their mobile phone. For a mobile marketer this means that 92% of mobile phone users are potentially available to receive a mobile marketing message. In addition, the mobile phone user is using their phone regularly to compare prices, read reviews and locate outlets to spend their money. Mobile consumers have become accustomed to using their mobile phone as part of the purchase process. Why wouldn’t a marketer want to be able to influence a mobile phone user’s purchases process?  Mobile marketing paved a path for marketers to promote their product directly to consumer at the most opportune time.

With an understanding as why mobile marketing works we need to see who it can work for. Who can be reached by mobile marketing today? As of 2012, there were 91.4 million cellphone users in the United States and 89% of those users were checking their phones multiple times a day. It is clear that not every marketing message will target all 91.4 million people, but from a marketing perspective, the target audience can be found out of that number. When developing a mobile marketing plan one must decide who their target audience is and focus on that.

The what, when, and where of mobile marketing work together and start to form the foundation of a mobile marketing plan.  To start mobile marketing you have to know what you are going to be promoting.  Step back and look what you offer is it a product or a service? Then, you need to determine the specific goals for your company and product. Once determined, look and see how you can incorporate mobile marketing to accomplish this?

Once the product is determined and target audience is established we can decide when and where we are going to use mobile marketing. Take a look at the product and industry and ask the following questions and it will be easy to identify when and where to introduce a mobile marketing message to your target audience.

  • When are they using the product or service?
  • Where are they using the product or service?
  • When are they purchasing the product or service?
  • Where are they purchasing the product from?

After answering those questions, the when and where will make sense. The final thing to look at is what form of mobile marketing should be utilized to reach the target audience?

  • Mobile Website & App
  • SMS Based Campaign
  • Mobile Coupon
  • QR Codes

Mobile marketing is an extremely versatile tool that is proven when it comes to promoting products and driving revenue. Mobile marketing utilizes the same type of promotions that traditional marketing uses, but unlike traditional marketing mobile can get this message straight to the target audience. Mobile Marketers do not have to worry if their audience will read a billboard or check paper for their promotion. However, this does not mean mobile marketing works if a mobile marketing campaign is not engaging consumers and increasing revenue than the efforts have failed. Mobile marketing today is simple in concept, but requires a great deal of attention and hard work to make it successful.

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