The Good and Bad Behind Mobile Marketing

This week we are going to take a look at the good and bad behind mobile marketing. We will look at three examples of companies that do a good job with mobile marketing; followed by three examples from companies that might need to rethink their mobile marketing strategies.

The Good

 Heineken – Star Player App

This mobile app, Star Player, was originally designed to be used during the UEFA Champions Soccer game. As an interactive game, Star Player synced all users logged on to the app and allowed them to play against all other users. As the soccer game was played mobile participants anticipated goals and fouls and used the app to record each of their predictions. Each time a mobile player guessed correctly they were awarded points and entered to win Heineken prizes. In addition, the Star Player app features leader-boards, personal profile, and spot to create your own league. In order to learn about their users, Heineken created an interactive mobile game and built it in such a way that their customers would want to download and use the app. Heineken used the Star Player App and was able to communicate with their target audience for an extended period of time, this a good example of how a company successfully achieved their mobile marketing strategy.

Starbucks – Starbucks App 

Starbucks Coffee App
According to any regular at Starbucks they will tell you that the Starbucks App is a must have. Like many similar food service apps, the Starbucks App allows patrons to build a profile, preview the menu, and build their perfect beverage. In addition, the app features a store locator, information about beverages, and includes a rewards program for earning free coffee. Starbucks shot ahead of not only their competition but almost all mobile apps available and included a mobile wallet as their main selling point. With the Starbucks App you can make purchases at any Starbucks store using your phone. On top of that you can reload your card automatically or manually with just a few simple clicks. The Starbucks app is responsible for 3 million transactions a week at their participating stores and is a good example of mobile marketing done well.

Lowe’s – FixInSix 

Lowe’s FixInSix

Lowe’s combined social media and mobile marketing using the video app, The Vine, to produce and share their FixInSix campaign. The FixInSix provides the viewer a 6 second video clip providing the viewer simple instructions on how to accomplish small house hold tasks like hanging a shelf or organizing extension cords. This is a good example of a well-executed mobile marketing campaign. Lowe’s was able to combine both social and mobile strategies to create an experience for their customers unlike any other. With the FixInSix campaign, Lowe’s is developing brand loyalty through this mobile campaign and has shown consumers they are there to help with tips and tricks.


The Bad

Let’s take a look now at some of the more humorous mistakes that have been made in mobile marketing.

QR code that was on an advertisement in the subway. Advertisements in a subway are common, but cell phone service is not. If you do decide to scan make sure you look out for the train.


This ad for Feeding America actually does a good job at getting your attention, no one wants to see someone go hungry. However from a mobile marketing standpoint they fell short, I assume by reading their ad, it has something with SMS. But without a call to action I am not sure what they want me to do.

Gap wants to introduce you to their new mobile app, and did a great job creating a sign with a clear call to action via QR or Short code. However, once you scan their QR code you learn that the code is currently inactive. This goes to show that you can start out with good mobile marketing, but a dead link won’t let you get anywhere.