5 Facts on Mobile Responsive Email

Mobile Responsive Email  | 5 Facts

For 2015, mobile responsive email is an important part of a company’s mobile marketing plan. Moving forward Cross channel communication is key for those  serious about building theirbusiness. Brands combining  social media, SMS marketing, mobile websites, and mobile responsive emails  are maximizing their impact and driving new business.

Mobile Responsive Email Facts

  1. 74% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages via mobile responsive email – Merkle
  2. Your audience is mobile, 48% of emails open on mobile devices – Hubspot
  3. Mobile responsive emails are almost 40 times better at acquiring customers when compared to social media – Mckinsey & Company
  4. Society is addicted to email – 7 out of 10 people (72%) of check their email  six times per day – AdWeek
  5. In 2014 73% of marketers claimed email marketing to be an important piece of their mobile marketing strategy – Forbes

When executed correctly, selling mobile responsive email services  to current or existing clients is a great way to add additional profit to your bottom line. With our all-in-one marketing hub you can sell text marketing, mobile websites, email, kiosks, and more. In most cases, business are adding these services for less than what they are paying for email alone, and they are saving money.

Benefits of using Mobile Responsive Email

All-in-one: Create mobile, social, and email campaigns from one application.
Mobile Responsiveness : With straightforward templates, building mobile friendly emails is easy.
Reputation Algorithm: By building more reputable emails, accounts are automatically upgraded to better IP addresses, resulting in a higher number of delivered emails.
Spamless: We verify emails prior to delivery. This helps us ensure that the IP addresses stay strong.

The math is simple.
You have successfully signed your first business with 8 locations that currently sends 5,000 emails/month per location. You’ve set up their pricing and will earn a profit of $.004 per email sent.

40,000 x .$004 = $160 of Additional Net Profit

That’s just a start. Combine social media and SMS marketing and quickly scale up your databases. Send out emails today and watch your revenue sore.