Text Marketing: Big Databases Drive Sales

Text Marketing: Big Databases Drive Sales

Mobile marketers are familiar with the fact that 98% of text messages are opened. This is why marketers are taking the time to incorporate text marketing into their mobile marketing plan. Just like any marketing effort, text marketing requires careful planning in order to be successful. Growing an SMS database is just as important as writing interesting content and building creative offers.

Let’s say we started our own pizza restaurant and have been using mobile marketing to send out mobile coupons.

Our pizza restaurant facts:

  • Our mobile coupon redemption rate is 2%
  • Our average transaction is $40.00
  • We have  built a database of 250 members
  • We send out two coupon blasts a month, or 500 coupons

When looking at these numbers, our current text marketing efforts are generating $400 per month of additional income. Not too shabby!

This additional revenue is great, but we have not reached our true potential. By incorporating a few simple tactics we can more than double the size of our marketing database. A larger audience means more transactions. We have decided to incorporate the following text marketing tactics to expand our database.

1. A kiosk – We equip our host and hostess with a tablet. As they seat customers they invite them to enter their mobile number for a free order of cheesy garlic bread. Because we have created a value proposition, customers are excited and willing to share their mobile number. The kiosk results in 100 new opt-ins every week!

2. Social Sharing – Personal recommendations are one of the best ways to grow new businesses. We have trained our servers and staff. We invite customers to share their mobile coupon directly their Facebook page. By doing so, their circle of influence becomes interested in our brand. As a reward for sharing, the server will provide them with an additional $5.00 for their purchase. In just a week’s time we have estimated that this generated  25 new opt-ins and a few additional transactions!

In just a few weeks’ time we have added 500 mobile numbers to our database. We now have a database of 750 members. Lets take a look at those numbers again.

  • Mobile coupon redemption rate of 2%
  • Average Transaction of $40.00
  • Our pizza restaurant has grown our database to 750 members
  • We send out two coupon blasts a month, or 1500 coupons

We have scaled up our database, and now we generate 30 additional transactions per month for a total of $1,200 in additional revenue. If we continue to scale up our database in 6 months time we could be earning approximately $4,800 of additional income each month!

Scaling up your mobile database is one of the best ways to drive additional transactions. By building exciting offers and sending them to a larger audience you can utilize text marketing to the fullest. Incorporating and building text marketing campaigns is simple. Sign up for a free trial to find out for yourself. The AvidMobile team is happy to discuss and provide insight for your mobile marketing strategy. Give us a call at 877-511-6624.