White Label Reseller Tools: Hosted Signup Pages

White Label Reseller Tools: Hosted Signup Pages

Once a mobile marketing presentation is complete, the signup process should be simple for an SMS white label reseller and their new client. Hosted signup pages make this possible. With one link, new clients can sign up directly from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. Once you client completes the fields for business, billing, and personal information they simply tap submit. The SMS platform will then automatically create their new SMS marketing account. Additionally, the new customer will receive a custom welcome email complete with their credentials to access the platform.

Hosted Signup Pages are Customizable.

In addition to a simplified account creation process, hosted signup pages allow you to build custom pricing plans specific to your business needs.  There are three categories that an SMS white label reseller customize on their Hosted Signup Pages.

  1. The Profile: Give your plan a custom name, create the custom welcome email, and set up other details like such as a privacy policy and terms of service.
  2. Custom Permissions: You can enable mobile websites, SMS marketing campaigns, and email based on your business’ specific needs.
  3. Plan Pricing: Establish your base price, setup fee, and overages. In addition, add any included units for your pricing plans.

Most mobile marketing white label resellers will establish two or three hosted signup pages based on their pricing structure. With each hosted signup page that is built the application will generate a custom URL. This URL can be linked to buttons on a website, shared on social media, and even sent in a text message.

Getting started as a mobile marketing white label reseller is simple. AvidMobile’s application provides you with the best wholesale pricing, technology, and support. With hosted signup pages, building custom pricing plans and linking to them is simple. Expand your reach and start landing new business. Let’s talk strategy. Call us at 877-577-6624 or sign up for a free trial!