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Do you remember your first business card? Perhaps it was a nice shade of bone… embossed lettering with a blue hue… premium card stock. For many professionals, a business card is tangible proof they’ve “made it” in the world. They can end conversations with, “Here’s my card.” It’s a content feeling of “belonging” and pride. Yet, what place does the old-school business card have in this virtual world? More than likely, a physical card will just get shuffled through the wash, into the wastebasket, or to the back of a wallet never to be viewed again.

The Virtual Business Card

virtual business card is what everyone desires these days. The great thing about having a paperless business card is that you will never have to worry about being caught without cards on you. It’s easy to pass on your information to a contact wherever you happen to be. Say good-bye to wasting paper with this environmentally-friendly business solution! It’s also cost-effective. Could you print out business cards for as low as 7 cents a piece? Probably not.

Over the past few years, business professionals have been attaching these virtual cards onto emails as their signature. They’ve added video, voice, images and other unique features to make their cards stand out. With the fast adoption of mobile marketing, there are even more possibilities for virtual card exchange, which we’ll discuss later.

The Process

Here’s how a virtual card works with AvidMobile…

1. Ask your contact to text your name to 72727.

2. They will then receive an automated text with all your contact info, as well as a picture message that includes an image of your business card, logo or product.

3. You will receive a text message on your phone with their mobile number.

Note: When you pull up virtual business cards on your mobile, you’ll love our click-to-call feature that makes contacting people easier than ever!

How AvidMobile Virtual Business Cards Drive Mobile Marketing

Many of our clients use their mobile business cards to build their contact databases and stay at the forefront of their contacts’ minds. For instance, they might…

  • Send out pictures of new products, artwork or party flyers
  • Send promotional videos or commercials
  • Text announcements about Facebook-only deals to grow social media subscribers
  • Offer Text-to-Win contests to build an email subscriber list
  • Stay at the front of people’s minds by saying “Happy Holidays”


# of V-Cards per month Monthly Subscription Message Overage
100 $14.99 $0.11
250 $29.99 $0.10
500 $59.99 $0.10
1000 $109.99 $0.09
2500 $214.99 $0.08
5000 $399.99 $0.07