Pricing: Long Codes Vs. Short Codes

Pricing: Long Codes Vs. Short Codes

Time and money are two things to consider when comparing long codes and short codes. Normally a short code is more expensive and takes more time to provision. Long codes are inexpensive to acquire and are readily available. AvidMobile, an SMS marketing application provider,  offers long codes starting at $0.75 per month per code. With a short turn around AvidMobile can quickly have your long up and running.

Looking to provision a dedicated short code?  AvidMobile handles those too. Dedicated short codes are set up via a provisioning process. On top of that, they must be set-up with each carrier. This does require additional time and money to secure them. Dedicated short codes are ideal for large business and big brands. Don’t worry, medium to small business can use short codes too. A shared short code is an affordable alternative for SMS marketing. Short codes are an affordable way to push out SMS content.

More on private short codes.

Dedicated short code provisioning and set-up costs can range between $2,500 and $3,750 depending on the program. This doesn’t include the lease of the short code which varies based on whether or not the code is a vanity code or a randomly generated code. A short code lease is sent directly to Neustar via

Regardless, you can lease your own short code at a rate of $1,500 or $3,000 per quarter.  You still need to partner with a company to help you provision the code and get set up with the carriers. In addition, the select providers provide access to already provisioned short codes, which saves you time and money. They can also provide you with the messaging gateways, SMS application, or API if you need them.

AvidMobile has been working with short codes and long codes for years and has the answers to all of your questions. Want to learn more about long codes, short codes, SMS gateways, or SMS pricing? Whatever it is, call us today and we can get you answers and start the process to get you sending SMS text messages instantly!

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