Why Resell Short Codes?

Resell short codes and SMS Marketing services.

Before you can talk about what it means to resell short codes you must know the answer to 1 question. What is a short code? Short Codes are shortened telephone numbers used most commonly for the purpose of SMS of MMS messages. Typically there are 2 kinds of short codes, dialing and messaging. For the purpose of this today’s blog post, we will be focusing on SMS short codes.

A few things to know before you resell short codes.

Moreover, now that we know what a short code is, lets talk about why you would resell short codes.  The main purpose of an SMS short code is to provide a shorter telephone number for the purpose of text marketing.  Furthermore, if you want to be a text marketing provider than you have to have a short code to be successful. Now you can go out and get your own private short code. These are called dedicated short codes.  You will have to spend thousands of dollars and wait about 3 months before you could even have a code to use.

Once you have that, then you have to work with an aggregator to connect the code to the carriers. After that, then you need an application provider. This enables you to create the type of text marketing campaigns commonly used with short codes. For this reason, the practice of reselling short codes has become very common.

So, why should I resell short codes?

That brings us to the reason why you would resell a short code. Companies like AVidMobile have already started the process for you. They’ve taken on the difficulty of procuring a short code to start a SMS marketing company. These SMS reseller providers went out and secured the short code. In addition, they developed relationships with aggregators and providing the technology application. Now they resell the short code access and technology to you in the form of a license to use their short code and technology platform.

Its a win win situation! Sign up for your free trial to learn more!