Profit & Grow from SMS Short Codes.

Variable Shortcodes

SMS Short Codes can be used for nearly every single industry in one capacity or another.  Short Codes are simply an abbreviated phone number that can connect the cellphone carriers to a web based platform.  Or  more specifically connect a business or group with anyone with a cellphone.

Communication through SMS Short Codes is a quick way to deliver any kind of information through the carriers to those groups that might include; Sending Coupons, updates, appointment reminders, text deals, recipes, rainout notifications, school closings, weather alerts, maintenance reminders, software updates, or even inter-company communications.


Whether utilizing a web based mobile marketing and communication SMS application like AvidMobile has or their API to send and receive the text messages from individuals, the ability to monetize this technology is easy.  A few of the simple sales points for closing deals with SMS Short Codes:

  1. Sell the reach of the technology

With 92% of the American population owning a mobile device and 98% of those having the ability to send and receive SMS, Texting has more reach, more scale than any other technology today.  Half of Americans have a Facebook account, yet only half of those login daily.  This means only 25% of people are available today on Facebook, or ¼ of what is available if you could send a text.

When a business delivers email campaigns to groups, their open rates often are less than 30%, mobile open rates are over 3x greater.

These statistics alone often will not close business, but stating that the SMS Short Codes and ability to get people to opt-in easily will double the size of their Facebook likes and email databases and augment everything else they accomplish will get them to close!

  1. Reduction of Print and Cost

There are many businesses, schools, and leagues that send out communications with paper, ink, envelopes, and even stamps.  Taking 6 of these types of communications out and delivering them to the same people via SMS Short Codes is not only environmentally friendly but is less money.  When you walk into a business and tell them how that using SMS Short Codes can get more people to read their updates, send out more over the course of a year, and it will save them money, they will buy from you!

  1. 100 people in the room

A business owner typically knows the value of a database and how hard it is to actually build one.  Utilize this example and it will help you close more sales of your SMS Short Code.

There are 100 people in the room right now.  Go ask them to fill out a piece of paper to join your email club?  10 will do it and they won’t even give you the email address that goes to their phone.

Go ask them to “Like” your Facebook page.  More than half of them don’t access Facebook from their mobile devise and won’t remember by the time they get home.

Ask them if they want an instant environmentally friendly coupon, or behind the scenes information, or a special recipe and all they have to do is text.  92% have the ability to engage with your short code and campaign instantly and are entered into the database!

That closes sales.