SMS Mobile Marketing- Its For Everyone

SMS Marketing Application

User interface versus machine interface, here we have two unique systems that don’t always seem to be complementary. The balance between the two sides is a difficult line to walk. You see, there are two very important sides and sets of requirements for any web application to function properly. Take SMS messages. This would seem like a uniquely human experience but running in parallel is a complex network parsing the data through a machine interface ready to then deliver the message back to a human in non-binary form.

Using Mobile Coupons provides another sense of dialogue between these two faces of tech. In order to market to users via an SMS platform there are several layers in which we must use a liberal approach towards users, trying to accommodate the many nuances of human dialogue and understanding while at treating the machine facing side with utmost rigor, testing every input to ensure validity while not creating a redundant or cumbersome human experience.

In our usability studies at AvidMoble, we’ve created a series of functions that can parse human understanding into machine ready standards. For example, when a human user reads the simple message text STOP2END from an SMS Mobile marketing application there’s no question as to what the message could mean. Because we’re sending that message out to users we can accommodate that need. But if we were trying to use that data to accomplish a user input field, the machine would probably not like our syntax all that well, perhaps even confusing the use of the number 2 with a desire to work out a math equation where a human automatically understands the number 2, to be equivalent to to.

That’s why; at AvidMobile we’re working hard using both server side and client side languages to ensure the broadest possible ease of use from clients while maintaining rigid balance in our collection and treatment of user data for use in our SMS Mobile Marketing applications.