SMS & MMS Messaging – Real Time Communication

SMS & MMS Messaging – Real-time is the right time!

With 90% of Americans being considered “active” mobile phone users, it’s no wonder that SMS & MMS messaging is readily becoming the most effective form of marketing in today’s society.  We are all aware of the fact that millennials have an aversion to phone calls and conduct the majority of their communication via SMS. Furthermore, a recent study on SMS & MMS Messaging by Forbes shows that 68% of millennials will admit that they do a lot of texting every day! That being said it’s easy to see why businesses are looking to add SMS & MMS messaging services.

SMS & MMS Messaging Engagement.

This extremely high engagement between Americans and their mobile phones allows for the use of text message marketing. This is especially true for sending out a call to action. Furthermore, brands integrate traditional media with SMS & MMS messaging to reach farther. Put an immediate call-to-action on outdoor ads, radio spots, TV Commercials, magazines, point of purchase displays, and much more. This will allow your customers to opt into a database that you can re-market to.

From there white label resellers can then choose the perfect time to deliver messages.  SMS & MMS messaging are also used for branding. For example, customer generation/loyalty as well as direct marketing.  In addition,  SMS Reminders, notifications, coupons, and alerts are the gateway to more revenue for you and your business. As mobile marketing masters, we work with our white label resellers to determine the key objectives of your organization. From there we show you how to integrate mobile SMS marketing strategies that complement their efforts.  This is why the call-to-action rates are better than any type of marketing effort. Our easy to use campaign platforms allow you to reach your clients using SMS messaging engagements.

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