How to Create a Successful Mobile Marketing Calendar

How to Create a Successful Mobile Marketing Calendar

Every industry will be different for creating mobile marketing calendars for your clients. As a white label mobile marketing reseller it is your job to be the expert on creating effective mobile marketing campaigns and promotions that will get your client’s customers back in the door buying more of their products and/or services. Being a white-labeled reseller with AvidMobile gives you a step up above the game because we actually can provide you with example marketing calendars that our direct multinational clients have used in the past. Campaigns that have proven to be successful and effective for our clients therefore we are more than happy to share those with our resellers to benefit their clients.

The first step in creating an effective marketing calendar is to get with your client and brainstorm successful coupons that they have ran in the past to run in their mobile campaigns. If they have some ideas already that is great but a lot of the time your clients won’t give you much help in that department so it is up to you to come up with these promotions yourself. In that case, research the web and see if you can’t find other similar coupons out there for competitive businesses or other businesses in their industry.  After you have found examples out there for similar businesses it is much easier to make that work with your client’s specific products and services.

Finally, as our white-labeled reseller you can come to our support team and have us review your ideas/promotions. We can give our feedback and let you know if you are headed in the right direction for your client’s campaigns. With the experience and knowledge we have available within our staff it is definitely beneficial as a reseller to utilize the wealth of knowledge we have at AvidMobile to better equip yourself and your client’s campaigns. Together you should feel confident that your client is running successful and effective mobile marketing promotions that will increase their ROI and grow your business to the maximum potentials in the mobile marketing space.

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