Giving your clients the best possible options

When looking into back-end development you always look for a way to give your clients the best possible options to take care of their needs.  Most clients need to keep in touch with their user-base  whether it is to let them know what is happening in the industry they are in, or to alert them to a change, either in policy (meeting time or place) or product (pricing and availability).  When that happens you need to give them multiple ways to get the information out to their employees and customers in a fast and easy way.

SMS applications can do that easily, and with some short basic coding you can have a useful and easy way to send off a message to let people know what is going on.  In 160 characters or less you can instantly notify all, or some of your users about things that may affect them before they have a chance to get to their email.

Let’s say that there is an important client meeting at 9am, your guy on the way will be driving there but the client changes the location.  Sending him an email will alert him to the change, but if he is on the road already he won’t get it until he checks it.  A SMS message will instantly notify him of the change and allow him to reroute right away.  That single message may have saved the day, and prevented the loss of a client.

A college can alert their student base of an important campus-wide event (for example: “Please do not go near the labs, there is a gas leak.  Classes moved to Atkins Hall.”)

In the days of people demanding more privacy, all of this can be done by keeping the recipients private telephone number private from the person sending the message.  If you have a database of telephone numbers that the SMS application user can’t see, they can still send the message to a user by name, or even just department or an employee or student ID#.

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