You know you want to utilize Mobile Marketing, but which do you need? A Dedicated Short Code or a Shared Shortcode?

Your business is your baby. As your baby grows, people recommend that you dress it a certain way, that you only feed it this, and don’t get it involved with that. There are people that will try to sell you everything under the sun to get the business “feeling better” and to help optimize the impact of every dollar that goes out.  But the only true way to gauge EVERY type of ad that you are putting out there is to be able to have a trackeable stream of contact and engagement for each campaign. We do this through the use of Keywords and Shortcodes. You know you want to utilize Mobile Marketing, but which do you need? A Dedicated Short Code or a Shared Shortcode?

With Avidmobile, you have options. With many SMS White Label providers out there, you are limited to what kinds of Short codes that you can set your mobile marketing campaigns up with.  Many of those providers offer just ONE Shared short code, and limit your number of keywords. With Avidmobile, you can have access to as many as 3 Shared short codes at the same time, which drastically improves your chances of getting the keyword availability that you want. If a client is set on having every keyword available on any particular 5 or 6 digit short code, they can actually pay a premium to lease their own Dedicated Short code. The Short code must be available and not in use, and those can be checked at . Once you have found the Short code that your company wants as its own, we can reserve that short code and create your company a Marketing center to start broadcasting videos, sending mobile website links, sharing mobile coupons, and collecting data via text message to build a vast database for long-term re-marketing efforts. Granted, all of this can be done via Shared short code as well, but for those clients that want some exclusivity, the Dedicated short code is the way to go.

When you are looking to start up your own mobile marketing campaign, and are deciding on A Dedicated Short Code or  Shared Short Code, remember that a lot of your company’s objectives can be met with the Shared short code’s accesses and abilities. Remember too though that a lot of that depends on your provider themselves. And not any provider can provide the service you need to make a Dedicated Short Code campaign run smoothely. Don’t get taken for a ride, give us a call today at Avidmobile and keep your company at the front of your customers’ minds,  and be available at their fingertips.

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