Reseller Billing: Your Thing To Grow

Integrated CIM/Billing

We provide our resellers with the flexibility to bill their clients the way they would like to bill their resellers/clients.

One option is to invoice usage in arrears. Billing in arrears, means that you are billing the reseller/client for services that have already been used. Many of our white label resellers bill their clients for messages after they have been sent out. However, billing in arrears is not the only option.  Another option for billing is to have the client pre-purchase the services. Pre-purchasing means they would be paying for services in advance or before they have used the services. Another billing option is to offer prepaid packages. White label resellers can have your clients pre-pay for a block of messages, mobile websites, etc. Some white label resellers even want to pre-purchase multiple months of service at once. No matter which way you want to bill your clients, arrears or pre-purchase, you have the flexibility available to you.

Our platform allows you to check on your client’s usage at any point in time. There are billing statements available for you to use when invoicing your clients. You can customize these billing statements through the platform. Next to your client there are hyperlinks: E for edit, D for delete, R for reporting, B for billing and L for login. Selecting the E hyperlink will allow you to edit client information including billing information. You can set the client monthly, message, keyword, and other features fees. There are also limits you can set if you have pre-purchased or included messages. Then after the pre-purchased or included messages are reached then there is an overage rate you can set. After you have set the rates each month you can view the billing statement by selecting the B hyperlink. These billing statements will come make invoicing the white label reseller’s clients quick and accurate. Another tool for checking usage is the R hyperlink for reporting. The reporting tab allows you to see message history. You can look at each client’s history by specifying the date range you want to view. This reporting tab also provides valuable data about the blasts being sent. The reporting and billing statement section of our platform provide you quick access to your client usage.