Benefits and Options of AvidMobile’s API

2 Way API


Benefits of AvidMobile’s API- AvidMobile provides a fully documented SOAP API for all of its resellers and white-labeled mobile marketing partners.
This allows our resellers and partners to utilize all of the functionality of the platform while still giving them the freedom to customize the user experience to fit their individual needs. The benefits of having a fully functioning API are invaluable for resellers looking to deliver a fully customized and unique white-label experience. It allows AvidMobile resellers to completely integrate the functionality of our platform into a third party application or website without compromising brand integrity or style.

AvidMobile provides the API documentation to any of its partners, white-labeled resellers or not, once they have signed up in an easy to access online portal. This provides the convenience of being accessible anytime, anywhere by all of our partners. Another benefit to having the API in an online portal rather than a PDF document is that it can be updated continuously without the need to redistribute or re-download the document. Since the documentation is located in the same place where AvidMobile’s resellers access their platform as well as their clients, the documentation is available to anyone on our platform and is automatically carries your custom style and branding just like the rest of our platform.

AvidMobile mobile marketing resellers benefit from not only having access to top quality documentation written by their application provider but also the ability to get in contact with a developer of the application if there is an issue that they cannot resolve on their own. Sometimes there are technical questions that just aren’t sufficiently answered by technical documentation and need an expert to answer. The AvidMobile staff is available during regular business hours to answer any questions regarding the API or other platform related issues that our resellers may have. The personal support along with the enterprise level technology that AvidMobile provides is what separates us from the other white-label providers in the mobile marketing industry.