Short Code to Long Success – What it is and how to use it

So you’ve gotten to this point of your SMS business, and you’re going through your checklist to figure out what you may have overlooked. One item you may want to take a second gander at … your short code! The four or five digit code that you use to identify your SMS business could have a significant factor in how your business is identified, received, or even something as technical and dry as how well your campaigns will perform in getting to your customers when the messages were sent … you know, important stuff!

You’ve undoubtedly considered being on your own short code at this point, and AvidMobile can absolutely meet your needs, but there may be some considerations here as well. Am I sinking a lot of my business’ operating expenses into an expensive perk that I don’t need, that would be better spent growing my base? Or am I prepared for the technical challenges of going it alone? Most SMS businesses will only need a small fraction of what a shortcode can provide, even the largest startups. So if you’re a 10 billion dollar business with a large social media presence? Well, you probably have your own SMS short code already. But as you probably aren’t (and therefore probably don’t), it’s time to consider what being on a short code can mean for your bottom line and ease of mind – giving you more time to become that business you’ve always wanted to be.

We here at AvidMobile guard our shared short codes like a hawk, making sure that all of our clients meet strict standards of conduct and CITA compliance that won’t get you or your business in hot water … or worse, have the major wireless carriers refuse to carry your business at all! We don’t allow just any schmo from the Internet to upload a fraudulent list of contacts they purchased from the Internet and send them unsolicited or aggressive spam. Every client on one of our shared shortcode meets our strict level of compliance, which means peace of mind that your SMS platform will perform for you when you need it … and not find you on the wrong side of those same carriers.

Call AvidMobile today and let us tell you about your options, whether you’re a large company just looking to expand your marketing portfolio, or you’re a startup that’s soon to be large. We have options that will scale with you and offer the right service, the right short code, for the right price. And right when you need it.