White Label Text Marketing

Your clients trust you. They signed up for your service because of you. You sold them, you talk to them, you help them.

White Labeled SMS Marketing makes them use YOUR product to help grow their business.

White labeling builds trust between your client and yourself. They can log in through you website to do all of their sms marketing. When you sell anything to a client, they’re buying you. Whether you realize it or not, there have been 10+ salespeople who have probably already talked to them about some facet of what you’re selling, but if you signed the deal, it’s because they trust you. There are many instances of people selling advertising / marketing and one sales person works an account for forever, but can’t sign them, and you bring in a different person with a different approach, they’ll sign with the first meeting. It’s about meshing personalities and where they place the trust of the success of their business and their money.

Having white labeled sms marketing leverages that trust and gives them the confidence that you’re selling them a product that the get from you. You’re essentially taking out the middle man without the upfront cost of provisioning short codes ($10,000 + annually), paying programmers, making software, etc. You are their link to the technology they need and want to help their business grow.

Along these same lines, when you’re approaching a new client, you have the confidence to tell them how easy it is to log into your website to access their marketing plan, reports, billing information, etc. You’re their one stop shop for everything they need, especially if you’re selling more products than just SMS marketing (i.e. mobile websites, web hosting, etc). Showing a client that they don’t need anyone but you is the best way to retain a customer for a long, happy business relationship.

More info: www.avidmobile.com