AvidMobile & SMS Cannabis Marketing

SMS Cannabis Marketing & AvidMobile

April 20th is this week and we are taking a moment to discuss SMS cannabis marketing. SMS marketers that stay up to date with the industry already know that the carriers and CTIA have tightened the reins when it comes to SMS marketing. This includes cracking down on SHAFT (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, or tobacco) and other carrier restricted and illegal content.

To summarize, this is AvidMobile’s stance on marijuana-related content:

  • You cannot promote the sale or consumption of marijuana
  • You cannot promote an event where the sale or consumption of marijuana will take place

Does SMS cannabis marketing fall under AvidMobile’s acceptable use policy?

We want all of our users to send the highest quality text messages to their audience. By doing so you are securing low opt-out rates and maximizing return on your SMS marketing investment. Equally as important, you are protecting the shared short code and removing the risk for carrier suspension. To further simplify you’re ensuring your text messages reach your audience.

AvidMobile offers compliance materials and training to help all users create compliant opt-in materials, keywords, and campaigns. We’re happy to take a look at any of our users campaigns to ensure they meet the standard. If you’re not familiar with AvidMobile’s Acceptable Use Policy take a look at it and make sure you or your clients are meeting the guidelines When it comes to SMS cannabis marketing the acceptable use policy specifically states that states we do not allow users to send out illegal drug-related text messages. (eg., marijuana, cocaine, and other similar substances)

How Come other providers support SMS cannabis marketing?

We understand that on a regular basis more and more states are legalizing medical and/or recreational cannabis usage every year, however, Federal law still prohibits cannabis use. While there are some SMS cannabis marketing providers out there plenty of providers who don’t allow this kind of content, AvidMobile included. Our research on SMS cannabis marketing and our relationship with our aggregator, it has been made black and white that SMS cannabis marketing are not allowed on our short codes.

The laws and regulations on medical and recreational marijuana usage are constantly changing. Legislators are working hard to push legislation to expand the states that allow usage. Ultimately their goal is to make it legal on a national level. Until the carriers give us green light on SMS cannabis marketing messages, we will not allow them to be sent from our application on our short codes. The carriers have made it clear that they will suspend any short code that sends illegal drug-related messages without warning.

Final Thoughts on SMS cannabis marketing.

We take this very seriously, and per our Terms and Conditions will delete any clients or resellers who choose not following the guidelines laid out in our acceptable use policy. Our goal is to protect our short codes. We want every message successfully sent to every recipient. Have more questions? Reach out to our support team, they’re happy to discuss compliance and ensure you’re sending the best text messages possible.