SMS Mobile Coupon: How It Works

Learn how an SMS mobile coupon works.

An SMS mobile coupon is a digital voucher that provides a discount or special offer. They are great for promoting services and products. Many years back, coupons were only available in printed form. They were often distributed in newspapers and flyers to name a few. With the rapid growth in technology, this has now changed. An electronic coupon is now generally used in place of a printed coupon. There has also been a significant increase in the use of mobile phones among the general public. Hence the growing popularity of mobile coupons for marketing.

Three Ways To Make an SMS Mobile Coupon Work

Mobile coupons are fantastic marketing tools that can help promote customer loyalty. Whether you own a small or big business, mobile coupons are cost-effective investments. There are many ways to distribute them, such as via SMS, MMS or email. SMS has proved to have more responses and higher success rates in comparison. How can businesses make use of them? To launch a successful SMS mobile coupon campaign, you will need to follow these main steps.

  1. Build a subscriber list for a better success rate, targeting your customers is key. Your customers are more likely to make use of the coupon they receive. Whereas, other recipients might ignore them and view them as spam.
  2. Create your SMS mobile coupon. You can create coupons in the form of plain text, images or web-based. If not in plain text, an external link could be used to redirect customers to the coupon. It is important to remember to also provide a means to redeem the mobile coupon.
  3. Distribute the coupon with AvidMobile, an SMS service provider. To deliver the coupons, you will have to collaborate with your SMS service provider. They will help guide you and simplify the whole process. You will have to do your research to ensure that they are reliable and meet your requirements.

How will customers use them?

Once you set up and launch your mobile coupon campaign, it is up to your customers. Depending on the form of coupon you have created, the ways of using them will vary. With plain text coupons, the text message can be shown at the point of sale to get the benefit. With messages containing links, the customer can click to access the mobile coupon.

Why do Mobile Coupons work?

Research shows that there has been a drastic rise in the use of mobile coupons. This proves that they do in fact work. They have been successful for many reasons including:

  • You can target messages to specific groups.
  • People typically use their mobile phones all the time.
  • Mobile coupons can reach a large group of people at the same time, instantly.
  • Customers can easily share SMS messages with those they feel might be interested Mobile coupons have proved to be very effective.

They are fast, cheap and efficient. Using them correctly can also help build long-term relationships with your customers. It is important to remember to maintain a balance though. Look at past offers that work. Plan your mobile coupons accordingly and don’t bombard customers with offers. Contact a member of our team to lean more.