Text Message Coupons Boost SMS Marketing

Start using text message coupons & boost your SMS marketing efforts.

If your company is not utilizing text message coupons to benefit your business, then you are behind. In fact over 80% of the population has a cellphone that can receive text messages. Now is the time for you to get on board and find creative ways to use text message coupons. Consumers love a good deal, catching a sale, and similar special offers. For this reason texting is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and provide them text message coupons for your products and services.

On a daily basis direct clients and SMS white label resellers use AvidMobile to send text message coupons to their database. That being said we can proudly say our Coupons tool has sent over 50,000 text message coupons since release in February of 2017. These users are seeing results with average redemption rates around 9 %. We are taking a moment to share some of the methods in order to achieve success like this.


an example of text message coupons created with AvidMobile


3 ways business are using text message coupons to keep customers engaged.

Send Promo Codes with text message coupons

If you want to generate a few extra sales, then send out a text message coupon code. People enjoy a price break and it may be the one thing that would push them over the edge to make a purchase. Promo codes are short and sweet like text messages. Send out a blast of text promos and watch the sales roll in.

Set Expiration Dates for all text message coupons

Text message coupons are an excellent way to create a sense of urgency for your customers to buy now. Businesses can send out a text message coupon with an expiration date to entice them to make the purchase quicker rather than put it off.

Use well timed text message coupons to keep customer retention

By sending text message coupons to your customers, you will ensure they stick around. People like engagement and texting is a non-offensive way to remind them that you are still available and have great products to tell them about. Plus, customers often stay with you because they are curious about what deal or message you will send next.

Text message coupons are here to stay just like texting. They are easy, to the point, and give your customers a reason to engage with your business. Be sure that texting coupons are part of your marketing strategy both for you and your customers.

Deliver more than text message coupons with your SMS marketing application.

Custom SMS Keyword Campaigns

Creating custom keywords with unique reply messages is a great way to quickly grow your database. With User Keywords you can activate live keyword campaigns in minutes. Additional keyword features like 1-time redeemable coupons and keyword activity notifications allow you to take SMS to the next level.

Custom SMS Blast Campaigns

Pushing out text messages to your database is a great way to generate interest for your business or organization. With Campaigns you can build custom text blast messages and instantly deliver them to your audience. Add an additional level of customization by scheduling campaigns or adding a 1- time redeemable coupon.

Custom SMS API Campaigns

In addition to marketing and promotional style text messages you can use SMS to send out account info, 2-factor authentication, and engage in advanced 2way SMS. With our SMS API you can integrate 3rd party systems and programming custom text message campaigns.

Detailed Reporting Information

Reporting data is important. Without it gauging your campaigns effectiveness is rather difficult. Our application gives you access to detailed carrier information, time-stamps, opt-outs, and as well as usage information. User can download this inside the application and use to help gain insight and measure results.


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