SMS Marketing Software Benefits Car Wash Industry

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SMS Marketing Software benefits Car Wash Industry

If you own a car wash, or manage the marketing side of things, there may be no better industry that can benefit from mobile marketing. People get their cars washed every day, right? And most people do it quite regularly, whether it’s once a week, or two or three times a month. With mobile marketing software for your car wash, you can ensure that not only will your current customers have more incentive to come back more often, but you can utilize things like text message coupons to bring in even more new customers.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Software

How can SMS marketing software work for you? It’s simple: When you install SMS marketing software, you’re essentially building a database of your customers who have given you access to their cell phone numbers. From there, the options are endless. You can choose to send out special offers to loyal customers, send out coupons on birthdays, holidays, etc., or even send a quick message and discount to a customer who hasn’t been in for awhile.

iPhone showing an SMS offer from a car wash company created using SMS Marketing Software. The SMS contains a URL that links to a mobile coupon. iPhone showing the mobile coupon that was generated by the car wash company's SMS Marketing Software.


SMS marketing software is a quick, cost-effective solution that puts your brand directly into the hands of your customers. Everyone needs their car washed now and then, so why not make sure they continue coming to your car wash, instead of one of your competitors? Marketing tools like billboards, mailers, and even television commercials are so easily avoided nowadays, that most people completely tune them out. But how many people do you see on a daily basis looking at their cell phones? With SMS, your message is practically impossible to ignore, and if you’re able to provide enticing content, you’ll see instant results in your customer feedback, and retention.

Whether you want to offer a free car wash as an incentive, or a discount for other services, you set the limits, and your customers will appreciate you checking in with them, knowing they mean something to your business.

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