Mobile Website/App Reseller Choosing a Provider And Why

Have you been on a subway train, waiting on a bus or simply walking through the mall shopping and notice the number of people who are either texting or surfing the web on their phone?   Mobile phones have become a necessity for communications and with the popularity of smart phones, there’s an endless possibilities. No longer are our mobile devices used simply to send text messages to your friends or family, now you can check your email, access the internet and do other tasks that used to require a computer.  Mobile Website / App re sellers are taking advantage of this phenom of technology!

If you were to ask yourself, what is one thing that most people cannot leave their homes without? The answer use to be car keys and wallets but in this age of modern technology, mobile phone is one thing that a person won’t forget or simply put, can’t forget!  It is their lifeline from getting directions to their next meeting to finding out what is on the daily special page at their favorite pizza location.  So with that in mind, tapping into the Mobile Website/App Reseller industry and selling these sites and apps to any businesses is a must.

Now that more and more people are using mobile internet, are you looking for an extra income or a full time revenue stream in the Mobile Website/App Reseller industry?  If so, consider the following when choosing the right partner:

  • Mobile Website / App builder is user friendly
  • Compatible to a phone’s browser
  • Allows easy access to constant updates and improvements
  • Customer control panel
  • Custom Mobile Website / App pricing capabilities
  • Ability to change back ground pics
  • No code knowledge
  • Robust content management
  • Social Network Ability
  • RSS Feeds
  • Merchant Solution
  • Auto Generated Re Direct
  • Instant QR Code for Website / App
  • Support Team to help in those difficult times

Now that you have chosen the correct provider to start your own business as a  Mobile Website / App Reseller, you are set up to be very successful in an industry that is booming and ready for you to take advantage of!