SMS Marketing Starts At the Opt-in | Part 2

SMS Marketing Starts At the Opt-in | Part Two

In part one we discussed the importance of following compliance and best practices for an SMS marketing opt-in. Specifically, by following the CTIA and TCPA guidelines a business can ensure they are building a quality database. The second important part of an SMS campaign is the promotion and marketing portion. A well-planned SMS marketing campaign should create excitement, evoke an action, and most importantly drive additional transactions.

How can I use an SMS marketing opt-in to engage the audience and drive transactions?

Planning is one of the most important things when building an SMS marketing campaign. By understanding what you want to accomplish with SMS you can organize the right tools to do so. Segmenting the target audience by interests and shopping habits is a great way to focus SMS marketing to drive the desired results. We’ve listed several ways to build a strong SMS marketing campaign below.

  • Consumers have placed a value on their information. In other words, if the SMS campaign does not reward them for sharing their information they will not engage with it. The promotion must create a unique value.
  • Don’t be afraid to segment the customer based on interest or buying habits. By doing this a brand can build a focused list. With a segmented list, for example, a company can send focused SMS messages based on interest or choose to send the entire database a list depending on their needs.
  • Customers that opt into a mobile database are regular shoppers and should be rewarded accordingly. By providing them with mobile-exclusive offers a company can increase brand loyalty to demonstrate appreciation to their customers for their business.
  • Don’t overdo it. Think about the industry. A fine dining restaurant is not going to send out a mobile coupon every week as that takes away from the exclusivity of the establishment.

Four great ways to capture an SMS marketing opt-in.

  1. Use a sign, poster, or table topper. Simple yet exciting signage should clearly explain the offer and how to opt in. In fact, by adding a QR code the business can make it even easier for customers to opt in.
  2.  Create a web kiosk. This type of kiosk can be accessed directly from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. In just a few short moments customers enter their mobile number and as a result receive an SMS message directly on their phone. Businesses that equip their employees with tablets are able to go around and personally invite patrons to opt-in.
  3. A web widget. By integrating an opt-in form directly into the website online visitors can join mobile clubs or request additional info about the business.
  4. Radio or television advertisements. By incorporating SMS marketing with existing marketing channels one can utilize the power of cross-channel marketing. Provide an initial offer via the advertisement and invite the audience to receive an additional offer by opting into the short code.

SMS marketing works differently for each industry. There is no exact formula to build the perfect campaign. Businesses must take the time to understand their goals and target audience. By choosing the right tools they can build an SMS campaign that engages and excites the intended audience.   Are you looking to get started with SMS marketing, or do you have questions about building an exciting SMS marketing strategy? Give us a call at 877-511-6624.


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