Text Message Coupon Vs Print Coupon

Today we’re comparing a text message coupon to a print coupon.

Smart marketers, like you, are aware that a text message coupon is a great channel to deliver digital offers. Offering SMS discounts via a mobile coupon is a very effective method of getting customers to buy directly from your brand.

Over the years digital and print coupons have generated new business and created loyal customers for many business. With the move to mobile and increase in smartphone users has come the new kid on the block, the SMS Mobile Coupon. Today AvidMobile, a Kansas City based SMS application provider, is highlighting the value of the text message coupon for your and your customers.

Just like a print coupon SMS coupons are easy to use, allow for custom design, and can be tracked. However a text message coupon offers a unique set of benefits that print coupons can not provide.  Everyday AvidMobile subscribers create and share SMS coupons via text messaging with clients and customers. This allows businesses, like yours, to subscribe to services and enjoy the advantages and benefits! Along with that the cost to get started is much lower, saving you a significant amount on your marketing budget. This is because text message costs are low and digital coupons are relatively affordable and easy to launch. This is especially true when compared to print coupons.

So, whats the draw to SMS coupons? What are the benefits of switching from print coupons and implementing text message coupons?

Text Message Coupon Benefits

Your customers can quickly access a text message coupon.

Mobile phones are popular devices. Take a good look around next time your out running errands. How many people are on their smartphone? With the rise in popularity of smartphones, there has been a rise in the number of mobile offers sent.

Currently, there are multiple text messaging applications that allow you to build keyword campaigns and add a 1-time redeemable SMS coupon. These keywords are being places on signs, kiosks, and websites allowing  your customers to quickly opt-in to receive a text message coupon from from these businesses.  By making these offers easily accessible to shoppers businesses are guaranteeing additional transactions. After all, we all know customers love a great deal! One of the biggest advantages here is the fact that businesses are sharing these offers while capturing mobile numbers. This allows them to create an audience of interested customers that can be re-marketed to over and over again down the road.

A text message coupon offers quick and painless redemption

Everyday coupons are being redeemed by consumers, just like the ones buying from you. More importantly, brands are quickly finding that a text message coupon has a higher redemption compared to a print coupon.  Higher redemption rates mean additional transactions for your business. In addition to the increased traffic for your business, studies show that customers who redeem coupons in store, usually, end up buying additional items that carry a full profit margin. This my friend is what we call killing two birds with one stone.

By having consumers directly opt in via SMS allows you to send them the  best text message coupon offers directly to their mobile phones. It helps you connect directly with your consumers. According to the Vibes 2016 mobile consumer study, 82% of consumers say digital coupons are a convenient option compared to printed coupons. Is it starting to make sense yet?

As we previously mentioned you can also measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with SMS coupons. Text message applications make it easy to track, duplicate,  or create new SMS coupons. This is great,  as it creates excitement for customers as they eagerly await the next exciting offer. Start building better brand awareness around your products and services. Text message coupons  make it easier for you to attract more customers with tailored campaigns.

Just a a few statics supporting the text message coupon.

A recent study by Valassis shows that 63% of consumers use coupons from paperless sources. Why are you still using paper coupons? Here are a few more statistics that support a switch to SMS mobile coupons.

  • Consumers are reporting that text message coupons give them faster access to discounts.
  • Over the past 4 years  paperless coupon distribution has grown by 373% according to research conducted by Inmar.  This, my friend, shows that text message coupons are getting popular by the day.
  • Another study shows that 70% of consumers regularly check their mobile devices for coupons or offers.

With the help of a text message coupon,your business makes offers timely and accessible for customers. Start using a text message coupon for your promotions and watch your business grow. Click the image below to grab a free trial and create your first text message coupon today!


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