SMS Mobile Coupons Made Simple

SMS Mobile Coupons Made Simple

It is safe to say that the majority of us have redeemed multiple SMS mobile coupons within the last year. More recently, I have been paying attention to my purchasing habits, and I constantly find myself opting in or searching online for a mobile coupon. I know I am not alone in this. More businesses than ever are looking to purchase and integrate a mobile marketing strategy.

From a business’ perspective, SMS mobile coupons make sense. They are an affordable marketing tool that produces a high ROI. Additionally, brands are using SMS coupons to reward their audiences for joining a mobile club or completing a specific action step. They can also be blasted out to your database in order to drive additional transactions for your e-commerce site, brick & mortar store, or specialty booth. Additionally, AvidMobile’s SMS platform makes it easy to create custom 1-time redeemable mobile coupons.

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SMS mobile coupons are also versatile. That being said, the right mobile marketing application enables you to create campaigns in a matter of minutes. Sending a clear and concise message is easy. Mobile coupons support custom images,  detailed promotion descriptions, and clearly display terms and conditions. You can take your coupon to the next level by adding contact information and the ability for your customer to share the coupon directly on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Stop losing transactions to the competition. Start offering your customers the SMS mobile coupons they demand. Amp up your mobile marketing strategy and start driving additional transactions. Reach out to a member of our team to learn more about mobile coupons and how they can work for you. Call us at 877-511-6624. Don’t forget to ask about turning mobile coupons into a profit by becoming a white label reseller.

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