SMS White Label Reseller Avoid 8 Mistakes

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8 Mistakes every SMS White Label Reseller Should Avoid

You are past the often paralyzing research and decision making phase. You’ve partnered with an application provider. You are now officially an SMS White Label Reseller. Unfortunately, not all SMS white label resellers are on the path to success. There are resellers out there who are still in the beginning stages of writing their success stories. It’s time for these people to stop building mediocre campaigns and earning small profits. Here are our Eight Avoidable Mistakes that every SMS white label reseller should avoid. Maybe it’s your first day. Maybe you are a veteran with years of experience. Either way let’s talk about some pitfalls that are easily avoidable.

Here’s the list:

  1. Mobile First
  2. Hunting Whales
  3. Being Spammy
  4. Compliance Woes
  5. No Differentiation
  6. Brand Brand Brand
  7. SMS Alone
  8. Consistency is Key

Alright good luck! I’m sure that’s all the information you need. You know I won’t leave you hanging with just those cryptic headings.

Mobile First

Times have changed and every single click bait titled article will agree with me. You and your customers are not only Mobile First, many are now Mobile Only. This means that for many of your customers, their only access point to the internet is on their mobile device. Google has put their money on this trend and is not only rewarding websites that have a good user experience for mobile devices but penalizing those that do not. So what does that mean for you Mr. SMS White Label Reseller? Are you out there trying to sell mobile marketing and you don’t have a website that is mobile friendly? Worse yet are you out there trying to sell mobile marketing and don’t even have a website. The most important thing for you to look for when deciding on your website is that it is Responsive. That is priority number 1.

Whale Hunting

I could go on and on about the 80/20 rule here. Large clients are a great way to generate profit for your mobile marketing business, however closing a large client is a time consuming process that can take several months. Divide your time between both categories. Get the process started with big opportunities. Get the process started with smaller opportunities. You need both.

Being Spammy

I love getting one text message from my girlfriend, but even she can feel spammy if she sends me too many in a row. SMS marketing gives brands an opportunity to personally engage with customers. Don’t abuse this unique opportunity. Customers respond almost immediately to SMS messages. Overdoing it can annoy the customer, causing them to opt-out of your SMS marketing campaign.

Compliance Woes

“But how am I supposed to get my message out with all of this required crap?!” We hear this on the daily from our customers and we hear you. It’s hard to fit all of the required legalese into a 160 character message. The guiding principle of CTIA compliance is “Informed Consent”. Make sure your customer was informed about who you are and what you are going to do with their mobile number. That’s informed consent. When you send them messages, make sure you reinforce who you are and what you are sending them. That’s informed consent. Make sure that you occasionally give them the option to contact you for help and the option to opt out of your campaign.

No Differentiation

We aren’t all the same and we can’t all be treated the same. Your customers are no different. Customers that opt in to join a SMS marketing campaign have expressed a greater interest in your brand. They have given you access to the same communication channel that they use for their closest friends and loved ones. By providing them with lackluster promotions they will become bored with your marketing. Keep things exciting. Creative offers will drive transactions.

Brand Brand Brand

You can’t assume that they know it is you that sent the message. You understand that branding is important everywhere, why would a text message be any different. You would be surprised at how many businesses and resellers we see  send text messages and don’t include their company name.

One Trick Pony

SMS marketing is powerful but it is even more so when partnered up with your other marketing channels. To a certain extent SMS marketing can work alone and drive additional transactions. SMS White Label Resellers and business that truly understand marketing also understand that it is important to combine marketing channels. SMS marketing should be integrated with social media and traditional marketing channels to maximize brand reach, grow marketing databases, and increase revenue.

Consistency is Key

Consistently add new opt ins to your SMS Campaigns. Consistently send them quality messages.

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