Text Message Reseller Traits

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Text Message Reseller Traits.

The rise of the text message reseller is often associated with the increase in popularity of the text message over the past several years. On a daily basis, the U.S. alone sends 6 billion text messages. In fact, many of these SMS messages contain time-sensitive personal, business, or marketing related communications. For this reason, individuals possessing an understanding of business and a strong work ethic are becoming successful reselling SMS marketing services.


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Do I have what it takes to become a text message reseller?

One of SMS marketing’s biggest misconceptions has to do with experience. Many would believe that one must have years of marketing experience to become a successful text message reseller. Well, I’ve got great news for you – this couldn’t be further from the truth. On a daily basis, the AvidMobile support team witnesses a variety of diverse individuals become successful mobile marketing resellers. While their experiences and backgrounds vary, there are specific traits that each of these successful resellers possesses.

Three traits of a successful text message reseller.

Text message resellers are business savvy.

No matter your background, there is no denying the fact that a text message reseller has the opportunity to make money. As a reseller of any product, the benefits are twofold. First, by licensing a white label service at wholesale pricing you leave yourself room to establish pricing and determine your profit margin. On top of that, there are businesses who are looking to purchase SMS marketing services right now. By selling in-demand services at a markup you are setting yourself up to make money.

A text message reseller takes risks.

We all know that there are risks with starting a new business or expanding an existing brand. While the biggest challenge of developing and funding an SMS application from the ground up has been removed, a reseller still faces other challenges. For starters, a new reseller will start without any clients on their books. The first 30 days are crucial for new resellers, and in the beginning, new resellers must work hard to close new business. Fortunately, resellers who partner with AvidMobile have an advantage. These partners receive training and have access to reseller specific tools. It’s things like this that help to minimize risk and enable you to connect with businesses that you may not have thought possible.

SMS is their passion.

It should be clear by now that SMS resellers are intelligent individuals who aren’t afraid of a little hard work. Furthermore, it comes as no surprise that a text message reseller who is truly passionate about SMS is more successful. By combining this energy with a quality SMS application provider resellers create custom packages that meet the needs of their clients. They truly have channeled their passion for SMS and are using it to close new business. It’s this type of competitive spirit that is helping to guide them to successes.

In our experience, our most successful resellers possess a unique combination of all three traits. By combining knowledge, hard work, and passion for SMS successful text message reseller make more money.