Stay Current With Mobile Marketing

Stay current with mobile marketing news, trends and, topics. AvidMobile has put together a list of a few of our favorite resources to keep you knowledgeable when it comes to mobile marketing. Take a second and check out the recommendations below. The content ranges from the latest developments in mobile technology to the newest mobile marketing trends. Set aside a few minutes each week to look over these resources, the information they contain is valuable.

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Summary: The Mobile Marketing Association is a global non-profit trade association that represents a variety of players in the mobile marketing industry. The MMA is an action-oriented organization with global focus, regional actions, and local relevance. They strive to make sure that mobile is an essential part of the marketing mix. In addition they want to educate, measure, and protect the mobile marketing industry.

Why: The MMA is an excellent resource for anyone in the mobile marketing industry. They strive to make sure that mobile marketers are up to date with cutting edge mobile marketing news. They produce professional events for a variety of people in the mobile industry. In addition, the MMA is a great place for mobile marketers to network and learn how other businesses have utilized mobile marketing.


Federal Communication Commission

Summary: The Federal Communication Commission regulates interstate and international communication by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U. S Territories. This independent U. S. government agency is over seen by congress. The commission is the United States primary authority when it comes to communications law, regulation, and technological innovation.

Why: While covering a variety of forms of communication the FCC is a great source to learn about rules and regulations within the mobile marketing industry. In addition, the government entity features a blog, list of events, and even tools to help those in the communication industry. While the FCC covers the entire communication industry they provide valuable insight for mobile marketers.

Summary: Mobile Marketer is a news leader when it comes to mobile marketing, media, and commerce. Their website breaks down mobile news and helps you to find out how businesses are using mobile to reach customers.  The website is well organized and content is easily searchable, making it simple for readers to locate articles that peak their interest. With content updated daily readers discover how mobile marketing is being used in a variety of scenarios.

Why: Mobile Marketer provides readers with well written articles and solid examples. The articles are broken down by sector and explain how fortune 500 companies have incorporated mobile marketing.  The content is valuable and the specific examples show how companies in specific industries have  promoted with mobile. Mobile  Marketer is a great  place find ideas for your next mobile marketing campaign.

Summary: Mashable has made a name for themselves as the largest independent online news website. They are committed to covering digital cultural, social media, and technology. With over 34 million unique visitors each month the company takes pride highlighting the importance of digital innovation and how it can empower and inspire people worldwide. They are one of the most engaged digital networks in the world.

Why: With an entire section dedicated to mobile, Mashable provides readers with insight that is informative and sometimes humorous. With a heavy focus on mobile technology Mashable is a great source to learn mobile as a whole is headed. With an understanding of where mobile technology is headed mobile marketers can plan for future mobile marketing endeavors. With a strong focus on mobile technology the website also highlights the latest in mobile marketing trends.

Summary: The AvidMobile Blog is designed to provide readers with insight into mobile marketing. The blog contains information pertaining to the platform, provides mobile marketing tips, and industry related news. With a smaller audience the blog gives readers a more personal feel. AvidMobile wants readers to be inspired and take the information and incorporate it into their current business model and mobile marketing plan.

Why: As an AvidMobile partner the blog is a great way to gain insight on our platform and the company.  The content is designed educate and help you to succeed with your mobile marketing efforts. The blog is an excellent resource for AvidMobile partners and often features sales and mobile marketing tips.