Mobile Coupons: Fishing with Mobile Dynamite!

A recent article came out in Mobile Commerce Daily discussing the massive growth of mobile coupon use and the lack of stickiness of many native apps. View the article by clicking the logo below.



It is as if I wrote the article personally.  AvidMobile has been discussing to our reseller and white label partners for years about the effectiveness of Mobile SMS and Text Coupon campaigns vs. Native Mobile apps.  And the results are more than in.

In the article Chris Fagan states, “… and the app stores are littered with unused apps” .  We have seen time and time again the truth of developing native application for different styles of business from restaurants to retailers and then they sit back and wait for their consumers or potential consumers to download and use the app.  They are still waiting…

AvidMobile specializes in database building through incentivizing customers through broadcast media and at the point-of-sale to register.  These consumers can register through a variety of compliant means like texting in to a keyword on a short code or typing their mobile number into a kiosk, or even through integrations with POS or online systems.  When these consumers do so, they receive one-time redemptions mobile coupons delivered through the AvidMobile application.  (Which can be completely white labeled for those that want to resell these features to the companies out there that want it.)

These consumers have also opted into a database which allows the business to continue to re-market to those individuals to drive the behaviors they desire, mainly additional or increased transactions.

AvidMobile provides businesses with this tool that also allows them to “Share” their offer on social media.  There is an incredible incentivized social sharing program that has been developed and deployed with countless organizations which is a massive new customer acquisition tool.  You can see more about our one-time redemption SMS/Text Coupon tool on our YouTube channel, check it out below.


AvidMobile Mobile Coupons, social sharing, and redeemables



So how is this like Fishing with Mobile Dynamite?

  • Walk into any business today and share some of the new data that came out in this most recent article by
  • 75% of Mobile Shoppers redeemed mobile coupons in 2013
  • That is +5.3%
  • 80.4 percent of shoppers said their perception of a retailer would improve if they offered environmentally friendly mobile coupons.
  • 10% more customers redeemed a mobile coupon at least once per week in 2013 vs. 2012.
  • More than ½ of this study of 25,000 shoppers stated that they would more likely look at a circular if it were on their phone.  (What better way than to send it to their phone in an SMS/Text and let them click the link to view all of the specials)
  • 47% of Consumers tried a NEW Brand due to a mobile ad.
  • 48.7% of mobile shoppers were between the ages of 35-54.  (This is the exact target demographic of the majority of businesses out there today)


Learn more about how your business can resell or white label the AvidMobile technology and sell text marketing, sms coupons, mobile database building campaigns, mobile websites/apps, and more. For more information on our services check out our website to see how your business can utilize this technology for massive growth, click our logo below.


When people see these stats along with an example of a mobile coupon like we can provide, they are done waiting for app downloads.  They jump in and start building their SMS databases and incentivizing their customers to “Share”…. And are Hooked.