Text Message Discounts – Three Facts

Consumers are using their mobile devices to search for text message discounts.

With the rise of the smartphone, today’s consumer has more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before.  In fact, when shopping brick and mortar stores consumers use their smartphones to research prices and find text message discounts. With this in mind, businesses are providing SMS coupons and SMS based discounts. These offers engage customers and driving additional transactions.

In 2013 there were approximately 61.4 million mobile coupon users. Notably, in 2016 there were approximately  104 million mobile coupon users. That’s an increase of nearly 70% from 2013. With that said, businesses should be chomping at the bit to integrate a text message discounts.

Why do text message discounts matter?

In store or online consumers are consulting the internet to find mobile coupons. Furthermore, businesses can make it easier for their customers to receive mobile offers by incorporating SMS mobile marketing services.  With SMS keyword coupons businesses can have their customers opt-in to receive mobile friendly coupons via text message. Right now opt-ins occur in-store, via websites, or even on social media. Fully customizable and redeemable coupons are a great way to get customers spending.

Think outside the box when created text message discounts.

In addition to SMS coupons brands are using digital coupons to engage their target audiences. In fact, the most successful marketers combine both email and text message marketing. By incorporating mobile responsive email in the marketing mix businesses can engage customers and expand their mobile reach. With just the right frequency and combination of SMS and email, brands are able to utilize cross channel marketing to drive customer engagement.

Focus your text message discounts.

SMS coupons are ideal for every industry. Furthermore, SMS coupons can be sent to a smartphone. Moreover, these messages can be scheduled for delivery at exactly the right time. With SMS open rates hovering right under 100%  SMS provides businesses with a unique value. Understanding the purchase cycle allows you to determine the best time for SMS marketing message delivery.

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