Using Multiple Keywords in Mobile Marketing

Several of our potential resellers and white label partners ask us why it is crucial for them to have free & unlimited keywords and how it benefits the businesses they supply to.

First and foremost, every business out there is using more than one form of advertisement. This can range all the way from multiple in store advertisements, to social media and even charity advertisements. The goal is to utilize every single channel possible to capture both loyal & potential customers into a database. By using multiple keywords, you are capable of establishing which forms of advertisement are having the most success. For instance, you are the owner of a small mom & pop burger joint and you have a milkshake advertisement and hamburger advertisement. For your hamburger campaigns you would have customers opt in to “keyword1” and for your milkshake ad “keyword2”.

However, this is not the only reason free & unlimited keywords are incredibly beneficial. By segregating your keywords, you are able to run sophisticated marketing campaigns to generate the best results for your businesses. Now you can send advertisements for milkshakes to those who opted in for a specific keyword, and promotions for hamburgers to the other keyword.

With that said, every plan we offer to our reseller white label partners here at e contains free & unlimited keywords. Since we are expert marketers, we understand how important they are when it comes to making both our white label partners and their businesses profitable.