White-Label Mobile Marketing


Rise Above
Marketing companies, creative agencies, web-developers, and literally any company that sells services B2B can rise above the competition and create opportunity for their clients. Mobile marketing is an effective way to engage current and potential customers while driving profits. As a white-label mobile marketing provider you can expand your services with a 100% branded mobile marketing platform. You can sell these services to current and potential clients and earn additional revenue.

Why White-Label?
A white-label reseller application makes adding mobile marketing services to your existing product set easy. With the right application you can bring the best mobile marketing services to your clients. As a white-label mobile marketing provider you can set the pricing for your clients, providing another residual revenue stream for your company!  AvidMobile has taken the time to develop the white-label program to make sure it is packed with technology, in-depth training, and support.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing allows you to combine text message marketing, mobile coupons, and mobile websites/apps with traditional marketing mediums. This enables you to create enhanced campaigns that appear right in the hands of current and potential customers. Unlike deal-of-the-day marketing, mobile marketing is customizable and can be tweaked to meet demands of changing demographics. In addition, mobile marketing is more cost-effective and produces a higher ROI.

Get Started Today
AvidMobile is here to provide the essential tools needed to create professional, custom, and engaging mobile marketing campaigns. Our fully robust and user-friendly application lets you develop mobile campaigns for your clients such as QR codes, virtual business cards, mobile coupons, text engagements, lead capture mechanisms, and so much more. Becoming a white-label mobile marketing provider is simple. Our team is ready to answer your questions and get you started. Call us at 877-511-6624.