Real World Mobile Marketing : Noodles & Company

Real World Mobile Marketing : Noodles & Company

There are multiple businesses out there using mobile marketing to engage their customers. Many of these companies have exciting interactive marketing campaigns that engage the intended audience. On the other hand, there are companies who lose the audience’s interest with lengthy opt-ins and less-than-exciting promotions.

This past week I was dining at a Noodles & Company and noticed a table topper inviting me to join their EClub. I quickly grabbed my phone and opened up Red Laser to scan the QR code and start the opt-in processes. I was redirected to what appeared to be their mobile signup form. The page included basic information, letting me know what I should expect from their EClub.

I started the processes of opting in and found myself annoyed when I scrolled down on my phone and realized the length of their opt-in. They required the following information:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Favorite location
  • Zip Code
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Day
  • Birth Year

I recognize the purpose of these forms is to gather customer information, but an opt-in that takes over a minute to complete is too long. The part that was the most inconvenient was choosing my favorite location. Instead of using location based services and selecting it for me or narrowing my choices based on my zip code, I had to scroll through every location they have in the entire country. I’m sure any normal consumer would have abandoned this process after providing their email.
I pushed through and completed the signup process and became part of their Noodlegram promotion. I instantly received a generic confirmation email thanking me for enjoying.  It contained a link to a video about their fresh food and a short message letting me know of all the insider things I get as a Noodlegram member. Sneak peaks, insider news, and other stuff that they did not disclose. I was not rewarded with any type offer or mobile coupon thanking me for my time or information.

I did not receive my first special until 48 hours later. I was then sent a coupon code for $4.00 off any online purchase of $10 or more. The email provided me instructions to place an online order as well as the code needed to receive my discount. With so many competitors using mobile responsive email it is surprising that this chain hasn’t made the move. The emails were somewhat hard to read and navigate.

I would describe Noodles and Company’s mobile marketing efforts as “basic” for a QSR of their size. At no point was I excited about the brand nor eager to make my next purchase. I am sure I will visit  the chain again at some point in my life, but their marketing efforts will not convince me to go out of my way to eat there. I provided them with a large amount of personal information and in exchange received a generic “thank you.”  As a consumer this makes me feel undervalued and that my information and time are of little importance to them.

With simplified opt-in processes and creative promotion, this brand could have new opt-ins spending more money. It’s so important to understand that customers that are opting to receive offers from your brand are your most valuable customer. They are in your store spending money, and brands should recognize that and seize the opportunity. Learn more about mobile marketing here.