Why every small business needs a mobile friendly website

We don’t leave anywhere without it, it’s always with us & were fanatics about the newest app or the newest iPhone that comes out! That being said, it’s still hard to believe that over 8 out of 10 local business websites are still not mobile optimized. Out of those businesses that engage their customers with a mobile website 84% saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts! Another important fact for every business owner to consider is a recent study estimates that mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016 (Source: BIA/Kelsey, 2012), making it increasingly important for all local businesses to adopt a mobile web strategy.

Why every small business needs a mobile friendly website- With new smartphones and tablets arriving at alarming rates, consumer spending on mobile is set to explode this year. Not only will consumers be buying in hordes the latest smartphone devices but according to Javelin Study and Research, consumers have now spent $20.7 billion shopping directly from their mobile devices.

With people all over the world grabbing up the latest smartphones & or tablets it’s more important than ever to ensure that every business owners websites are mobile optimized. People on a daily basis are using their smartphones for product information, in store price comparisons, mobile coupons and scanning in-store and in-advertisement QR codes. However based on a study by SMB DigitalScape, small and medium sized business owners are still lagging far behind their big box store counterparts when it comes to having their mobile websites optimized and having an effective mobile marketing strategy.

To small business owners the app & mobile world can seem very confusing & to be honest that is not the business they want to be in nor are specialized in. In fact, small business owners have limited marketing resources; 65% act as a one-person marketing department. Business owners don’t know what mobile technology they need, they just want to generate more business. Mobile websites provide the greatest and most immediate return on investment with measurable advantages over traditional advertising. Having a mobile optimized website is no longer an option, as millions of consumers use their mobile phones each day to search Google+ Local for neighborhood products and services. An app won’t help you there.

Earlier this year, Google commissioned a study and found that three-quarters of visitors are willing to return to a mobile friendly website while 79% of people would leave and go to another similar site if the website is difficult to use and navigate on a mobile device.

The importance of a premium mobile website has never been more important. Having a mobile website at the core of any mobile marketing strategy will ensure local businesses will not quickly lose business by not properly engaging their mobile audience.

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