Why Aggregator’s in the SMS World lead to success

Why Aggregator’s in the SMS World lead to success-

In today’s SMS space there are several different forms of messaging, each of which generates different results. Here at AvidMobile, we only utilize true carrier grade messaging, which has a 95% open read rate within the first 5 minutes alone. However, this raises the question of why is our form of SMS so much more effective than a lot of other companies in the space.

With true carrier grade messaging, we get our short-codes licensed in with what are referred to as an aggregator. An aggregator is a company who  has established connections with all the carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and delivers the messaging created on our platform. Several companies will use forms of messaging that piggy back off the cell phones email capabilities (SMTP) which leads to less than 50% deliver-ability, or send utilizing full phone numbers (Long-Codes) that have limitations in how many messages can be sent out hour by hour, and create issues when marketing for new opt in’s.

At AvidMobile, not only do we utilize true carrier grade messaging, but we are also tied in with several aggregator’s. In an effort to have the most redundant platform on the market, we have agreements with 3 completely independent aggregator’s. What does this mean for you? If there is ever an issue with one of our aggregator’s we cannot control, instead of waiting around for them to fix the problem, we can provide you a backup short-code using a completely independent aggregator. For instance, you have a big time campaign set to go out tomorrow to 25,000 customers and Sprint has connectivity issues with the aggregator you are currently on. With any other provider this may be crippling to your business, however with us we can move you to a different short-code and aggregator, insuring your client is happy and making you look like a rock star.

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