Why Resell Mobile Coupons?

If you are a marketing company in today’s digital age, you may be thinking of reselling mobile coupons to your port folio of retail and restaurant clients. That would be a smart move. SMS Mobile Coupons are rapidly becoming retailer’s choice of delivery for in store coupons. There are many advantages that SMS Mobile Coupons bring to the table and we will discuss a few of these here.

Why Resell Mobile Coupons?

SMS Mobile Coupons have grown in popularity for a few very distinct reasons. The main reason is because they can be delivered instantaneously to a mobile device. This makes redemption rates exponentially higher than traditional paper coupons, about 10 times to be specific. 95% of all text messages are read within five minutes of receipt. Can you say that about flyers or newspapers where you would find traditional coupons?

The second biggest reason SMS Mobile Coupons have grown in popularity is because they are very easy to instantly create, send and track redemption rates. Because SMS Mobile Coupons are electronic, it is easy to track and report the success of your campaign. They are never left at home because they are on your customer’s phone, which makes it easier for the consumer to use. The cost of sending out a SMS Mobile Coupon is pennies on the dollar vs. traditional paper coupons as well.

As you can see there are many reasons to resell mobile coupons. They are rapidly growing in popularity with retailers and restaurants. It just makes so much sense for retailers to send instant savings directly to consumers phones because they are almost instantly read, easy to redeem, easy to track and are much more cost effective over printing and distribution costs of the traditional format. It also just makes sense for marketing managers of all types, to add the capability to resell mobile coupons to their portfolio of services. To read more go to https://www.avidmobile.com/mobile-coupons.