Why you should Resell a Mobile Coupon?

Too often we see the same scenario…

A Marketing Company has flourished over the past few decades, involving themselves with website development and SEO projects, social media enhancement, and direct and email marketing. They have helped businesses grow, and want to continue that trend.  But maybe the business owners are starting to see a “leveling-out” of profit margins and revenue. According to all the facts and figures, they are doing all the right things, and trying to reach people in all the right spaces.  But if we aren’t taking those customers that engage with our branding and advertisements, and retaining those phone numbers to market to them  down the road through an SMS platform, then we are literally watching money walk away from those ads.  The most exciting, and attractive way for a customer to join your database is through a Mobile Coupon.

Every customer that you have sold to in the last month could have a note on the bottom of their receipt stating  Text  Sally5  to 72727 to receive $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more” Before you know it, the customers that want more of your product are engaging, searching for information and promotions and requesting the Mobile Coupons. They are texting in at a rate that will build a database of 1,000 customers before the end of the first quarter, and sometimes as first as the end of the first month!  That database can be the difference between a company shutting their doors, or branching out into another location.  Between handing out pink slips, or handing out a Christmas Bonus.

The Key element here is that we are reaching our clients via the lowest common denominator…..their cell phones.  How many people do you see on their phones at the grocery store?  How many at the department or clothing store?  What do you think would happen if you were to Resell a Mobile Coupon to them? Those customers would be showing that coupon to their friends, getting them into the database. Having them walk through the door to spend more $$$, telling their friends about what they had found, and where to go buy it. They then request the coupon, and the cycle then continues. It is a tool that every business you come across can utilize, and should be. Give us a call today to get started and learn how to build and sell mobile websites, Resell a Mobile Coupon, put mobile marketing to work and help your clients’ registers move again. Nothing left to it but to do it- Call AvidMobile at 877-511-6624, and visit our website at www.avidmobile.com.

More info: https://www.avidmobile.com/mobile-coupons/