How the Right SMS Marketing Reseller Foundation Leads to Success

As you are starting to read this article, I am sure the majority of you already have your head spinning from the amount of knowledge you’ve taken in while doing your due diligence. Choosing which provider to become an SMS marketing reseller for can undoubtedly become a headache causing experience. At some point I am sure you even lost track of which provider is which because everyone offers the same basic things and focus primarily on technology while bringing nothing else to the table.

At AvidMobile our SMS Marketing reseller program is dramatically different. Not only do we have a suite of services that are second to none and constantly being updated, but we also provide the best training and education in this industry bar none. Right out of the gate we put you through extensive marketing training to ensure you understand the best approach to the SMS industry. This ranges from 30+ hours of archived training videos, audio training, scripts, 1 on 1 training and even assistance in closing big opportunities. More importantly that training will continue to improve. Very soon we are anticipating the release of our SMS Marketing Reseller certification program.

The AvidMobile Certification Program will take you through step by step on how to get your business up and running. This includes which technologies to set up, which videos to watch, short quiz’s upon conclusion of each video to ensure the information has been retained and even rewards for completing each step. You are able to dive through numerous sales tools including power points, pricing guides and agreements, all of which you can re-brand and utilize for your own business. As if that wasn’t enough, by the time you complete the program an agent will be available to schedule a live consult to go over anything you are still lost on.

As an SMS Marketing Reseller, you will become as versed in this industry as possible, giving you the best chance to succeed. With all of that being said, you can clearly see who you stand to make the most amount of money with.