6 Benefits of White Label SMS

First, it’s important to recognize that a white label SMS reseller program is NOT an affiliate program, but rather — it’s a special offer that professional marketers, consultants and organizations may use to reach their established client base. Marketers simply upload their logo and brand colors and they’re ready to create their own text message marketing campaign. Here are a few benefits to consider…
Key Benefits of White Label SMS Programs

  • Text message marketing is great for branding. Any method or channel you can remind customers about your great products and services is a good one. Remember, it takes the average customer FIVE positive impressions to begin to feel they know, trust and would buy from you.
  • White label SMS can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Send out your campaigns from a computer or a mobile phone, wherever you are. See how your read rates stack up at any time or place.
  • Enjoy flexible pricing and billing. Resellers are always able to set their own prices. You can charge customers by PayPal or merchant account.
  • You can easily monitor customer activity. Get real-time access to your customers’ incoming and outgoing messages, credits, account status and number of keywords. You can also monitor your system’s traffic daily, weekly and monthly.
  • This business is quick to start and provides recurring revenue. White Label SMS resellers can join the program quickly online and receive a life-time of residual income.
  • No experience is necessary for resellers. You’ll gain access to customizable promotional materials and support.

How Can You Make Money With White Label SMS?

The mobile platform is a hot area of marketing that has virtually unlimited money-making potential. Nearly every business can benefit from a text message marketing campaign, so you’ll be getting started in a very lucrative sector. There are several primary ways that people make money with a White Label SMS business:

  • They collect a monthly maintenance fee.
  • They collect a setup fee.
  • They sell monthly text message plans.
  • They collect monthly fees for additional keywords.

You can charge whatever you’d like, but the average costs range from $50 to $150 for a setup fee, $99 – $199 for a monthly maintenance fee, and between 7 to 9 cents per text message sent.

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