AvidMobile 2.0 & Integrated Billing

We are excited to announce the release of AvidMobile 2.0 and Integrated Billing. Our development team has been working hard on the first launch of a brand new vision:  A user-interface that will eventually be completely responsive to all screens and focused on the end-user!  The concept is simple, the experience your direct clients have when they login from any device to your interface is the most important.

AvidMobile 2.0 provides a beautiful user interface, streamlines menus and allows users to navigate with ease.  Integrated Billing provides resllers the ability to view statements, charge clients, and modify existing accounts with a few clicks of the mouse.  AvidMobile 2.0 and Integrated Billing create a new experience for users, allowing them to truly manage their account and clients.

The AvidMobile team worked hard to develop AvidMobile 2.0 and integrated billing and is excited to release it our current partners.  These new releases are a step forward, as AvidMobile 2.0 and Integrated Billing were developed using a modular design and are the gateway to moving to a completely responsive interface. AvidMobile 2.0 and Integrated Billing pave the way for AvidMobile to release future upgrades and new features in the future.

To learn more about AvidMobile 2.0 and Integrated Billing check out the webinar below. Find out more about us here.

Final 2.0 webinar from AvidMobile on Vimeo.