Mobile Customers Want To Buy Now!

The statistics don’t lie, mobile customers want to buy now. Marketers’ are utilizing mobile technology and text-message marketing to provide their clients with open/read rates that exceed 98%. In addition the CTIA reports that 95% of these opens happen within the first 5 minutes of delivery. Working in the Mobile Marketing space for years AvidMobile understands the power of utilizing mobile marketing technology to reach mobile customers.

We know it,  our resellers and white label partners know it,  and many brands are becoming aware of it. AvidMobile specializes in building SMS Marketing Campaigns that link to Mobile Websites/Apps and increase awareness for current and potential customers. Our SMS and Mobile Website resellers are trained to be successful. The Successes are many, and the statistics show why! According to this recent Study by Nielsen on behalf of Google, 55% of consumers using mobile to research want to purchase within the hour!  You can read more on the study here;
A whopping 74% of shoppers started their search from a MOBILE search engine!
The implications on this are clear.  If a business doesn’t provide the information the shopper is looking for on a mobile friendly version of their website, with quick access to location information and services offered, then the likelihood of purchase declines.  But for those that do, the opportunity to drive additional transactions are great as 93% of people that are searching go on to make a purchase!
Reseller and White Label partners of AvidMobile can help marketers by providing them a mobile website/app that will allow these mobile shoppers to get the experience they have come to expect. These mobile shoppers will convert at a higher rate, and additional transactions for the business will be the results! As if we need more ammo, check out this article that also references the Nielsen study!
Key takeaways? Brands have a necessity to cater to these mobile shoppers and researches!  They need fast loading, easy browsing, and Focus on Mobile user experience.  AvidMobile resellers and white label partners can provide this experience easily.  Get a Free Trial of the application today, go to