Text-Marketing White Label: Owning your Dream

There’s a really simple exercise you can perform, just at your desk, to demonstrate the power of AvidMobile’s Text-Marketing White Label. Every one of us has right now, a smartphone or other mobile device (it would be a weird business for us to be in if we didn’t!). Mine is an Apple iPhone 4S, but maybe yours is a Samsung SIII, or an HTC Hero.

In the case of all these devices, they are the results of the hard work of hundreds of individuals from dozens of companies. On your iPhone, Apple didn’t design or manufacture the camera, or the audio speakers. Think about it this way: being an owner of a successful business with a great product doesn’t mean that you have to completely reinvent and repatent the wheel. Chrysler didn’t have to invent the internal combustion engine again before it could change the design of cars forever, and neither should your business. AvidMobile has the technical specifications handled for you: your job is to grow.

So with that being said, who doesn’t want their brand to stand proud and be associated with all aspects of their platform? That’s what a Text-Marketing White Label offers you: a chance to use web technology to make sure business you do with every client shows only the brand that really matters: yours.

After all, that Samsung doesn’t advertise on the cover the name of every manufacturer and designer of every device contained within … and having those parts doesn’t make it any less theirs, any more than allowing AvidMobile to provide you the technological and sales tools necessary to give your business a boost makes that business any less than 100% your own.

Advertise it to your client that way. Let our text-marketing white label show your company, and not ours. It’s just another way that AvidMobile helps you achieve your goals.